Sunday, September 8, 2019

Will games for Android ever rule the entire world

Virtual games are very interesting to play. Just like real life games there can be two or more players. These games not only entertain an individual but they can even educate because a category of educational games also exist. Gaming is all about enjoying oneself and focusing on what is being played. These games are played in a lot of devices. The most handy device smartphone has been frequently used by people for playing games. An individual can play this games is online or offline. For playing games online all the user need is a device and an internet connection. By using a device the user can play any game of the user's choice through a website or by downloading a game through play store. The choice is ultimately of the user. But better choice is to download a full version APK game and then play it on the device. There are certain benefits of downloading full version APK Android game. The user has access to every level of the game. The user can unfold every mystery of game only after the download of full version of game.

Android is the most used operating system in the world. Most of the world's population uses android smartphone. These smartphone can download and install various Apk files. Since Android is the most used operating system in the world, there will be games designed specifically for Android. A user can download these games from a range of play store designed specifically for Android. Millions of people download games in their devices . The games for Android are actually ruling the world because there are people who are crazy after these games. PUBG is an android game. Recently a boy was in news. He was hospitalised. Even in unconsciousness the boy's hands were in the position of playing that game. This is the level of addictiveness that these games create among people. Blue whale was also other game which killed many people as it involved physically hurting oneself. It included acts which ultimately lead to suicide. These games do have a negative impact on the lives of people. People take these games seriously whereas these games are for the sake of entertainment only.

9apps games for android 

So far we have discuss about Android game popularity.  Now we will discuss about how to get Android games for free with the help of App Store present in the market. There are many App Store like Google Play Store, 9Apps, iPhone store, samsung store , mI store and many more but among them 9Apps is only store which provide free applications and games for downloading. If we compare other application with this tool we found that most of the applications which are present in nine apps are free but if we search the same application in other Play Store  then you will find that you have to pay a nominal charges for getting that application. Most important reason to use 9Apps store is fast downloading as compared to other play store which have huge data centre they take lots of time for downloading but in case of nineApp Store it download very fastly. 

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