Sunday, March 31, 2019


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Friday, March 29, 2019

jio app

Jio cinema application

 You know, there are many applications are available on internet through which you can download movies, songs and many more things. It has become our daily companion that we must have to watch movies either by paying or by going to theatre. Sometimes it is feel bore when we don’t have entertainment in our life, especially jio users sounds quite funny? Huh. Jio cinema application is becoming more popular with its exciting contents and varieties of features. This application allows you to watch different varieties of movies with great quality. You can watch TV shows and many more things with genres and in multiple languages with great features. This application is inbuilt features of videos that would be good for you and also it suggest you some great internal as well as external features via which you will find full of entertainment.


1.    Less data require
2.    No registration
3.    Only signup with your gmail
4.    Multiple downloads
5.    High quality videos and songs
6.    With subtitles.
7.    Easily accessible
8.    Supportable in any device.

Ads free

This application is totally ads free and you will find no ads are shown while watching TV and movies. You can enjoy all the videos and songs for free of ads

Subscription free

Enjoy this application for subscription free. You don’t need to pay any single cent to anyone for this application. Enjoy all the videos and movies for free of subscription.

Multiple downloads

You can downloads multiple files at a time as it consumes less data for downloads.

Less data consumption

This application needs less data consumption. It does not consume huge amount of data, this can be more beneficial to the users.

Resolutions and videos

This application supports best resolutions videos and contaimns full HD formats with supportability. You can select and adjust resolutions and formats while downloading.

Vidmate app

This application is specially designed to full fill our needs. It means entertainment. This app provides full versions of any contents which you want to download and watch. Go to offline and online for watching videos by installing vidmate apk file in your device.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

hip hop dance

Hip hop dance step videos

Hip hop is one of the most famous dance styles popular among youth. This form of dance is loved by all. People takes much interest in this form of dance. This form of dance is about forty years old, but the beginning of earlier dance style was simple. People were able ton catch all those simple steps of dance but now the trends have been changed to some energetic moves of dance. There is lots of styles avail in this world. Everyone has some unique style of dancing. Hip hop is rather complicated dance and it is requires more energy and strength to learn serious dance techniques. This application has a huge collection of dance tutorials, here you will find more videos regarding dance and stunts. You can learn some basic steps of dance via this multiple videos from this application and you can mark the videos as in your favorite lists, so that you can easily access it in your device via this application.

Subscription free

This application is totally subscription free for all users. They can enjoy watching all videos for free, even they won’t have to pay any single cent to this application.

Resolutions and formats

This application has a huge collection of dance tutorials and it has high videos resolutions and also supportable formats, so that people can easily access it on their device.

Small in size

This application does not consume huge space of your device memory. It has small size build application for all users.

Vidmate app

This application is multimedia tools for all people and it has huge collection of all things like videos, movies, songs and many more. You can download and watch everything for free by installing vidmate apk file in your device.

multi editor

Facejjang: multi editor

This application is specially designed to make some funny videos and this is so exciting application  that you can make fun of yourself as well as of others, so those who want to use this application all you need is to edit your photo and drag it to this application video clip template,. Basically, all you need is to do only you have to select the photos of anyone whom you want to edit and make funny clips. This application is full of amazing features, so that you can make best funny clips and also upload them on social media like what’s app, instagram, facebook and many more.

Subscription free

This application is totally subscription free for all users. You don’t need to pay anything even a single cent to this application. You can enjoy all the features of this app for free.

Ads free

You will not face any single ads while editing the videos. This is all free for everyone. No ads are shown while editing the videos or anything. Take the full advantage of this application for editing.

Large file videos

With this application, you can edit multiple files at a time and also you can create more than 10 mb size of file. So that it won’t lack in your devices. Well, this is also amazing about this app, it does not cover huge space of your device memory.

Vidmate: songs videos & movies

You can watch newly released songs video , trailers of upcoming movies and also you can watch and download movies offline as well as online by installing vidmate apk file in your device.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

dance video maker application

Dance video maker

Dance video maker is an multimedia application tool through which you can make your dance videos and also you can edit them via this app. it is the best way to create dance video via your photos. This application will suggest you best dance songs or you can also add some songs from your gallery. With this app, you can add a lot of features and make them classify as per your wants. This application includes a large variety of dance videos and dance music. this application has multi functional features by which you can share you videos to some different sources of media like what’s app, Facebook, instagram and many more.

Subscription free

This application is full subscription free to all users. This app does not charge any single cent for editing the videos. You can enjoy all the features for free and services too.

Ads free

As this application suggest you some great recommended tools and features but if you don’t like recommend features then you can download via online without getting any ads. Some applications show ads due to which people feel more annoying.

Background changer

This application also allows users to change background of the videos as per your choice. It helps you to make videos more relevant by selecting some different and great backgrounds.

Multi resolutions and formats

You can add the face or photo in which you want to make or edit the videos. You can select lot of resolutions and also you can choose relevant formats in which you want to make videos.

Vidmate: songs videos & movies

You can download this application to watch some tricks about how to make videos and how to play android games on PC. You can also watch and download newly released songs and videos of upcoming movies, also you can download great movies with best formats by installing vidmate apk file in your device.

madhuri dixit dance

Dance with madhuri dixit nene

As we know, madhuri dixit has been always a versatile actor as well as dancer. Millions of people are fans of madhuri. Since, 1960 she started her career and after giving so many films and that one song “ek do teen” she became famous and every youth was crazy for her dance. Dance is a form of yoga through which people enjoy to shake their body. Most of the people prefer dance instead of yoga. We know, india is the origin of yoga, but now the trends have changed. So that’s why people are crazier about dance, even they keep personal yoga trainer as well as dance trainer with them. I don’t know, what is the need of doing all these things in this modern era. They can use their smart devices to learn all these stuffs. You know, there are a lot of tutorial made on the topic of dance and yoga. You can see them online as well as offline. You can also download youtube dance tutorial videos of madhuri dixit nene via vidmate. This application is all free. It does not require any money. you can tell this about your friends, families and your loved ones. Now a day, grand parents also take lessons of dance to keep them fit. Investing lot of money in the gym or keeping personal yoga teacher is not only solutions for us. If we use some great smart devices, then we can learn better lessons about how to keep fit our body.

By taking lessons of dance with madhuri, you will find lot of options and tutorials with great and amazing choreographers. Those who are damn hard fans of dance they can also see the tutorials and can learn so many dance forms like salsa, hip hop, house, belly Bollywood, contemporary and many more. Sometimes it becomes more difficult for those, who don’t know how to dance, you can also learn some basic steps of dance by watching their tutorials, but you have download vidmate to enjoy free services of dance by installing apk file in your device.

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